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Website promotion and Search Engine Optimization

Our Internet Marketing Services have the potential of increasing traffic to your website week after week to increase sales, profits, and customer loyalty.
your share of Internet business with Traffic Blazer. Promote your business online, increase your online visibility and make money on the internet. Web site traffic is the heart of any company's internet marketing strategy. With our unique and proven system, we will save you thousands in traffic acquisition expenditures, and as much as 2-3 years of testing that companies typically endure when first growing traffic to their website.
The major search engines change their rules for ranking sites each month (sometimes several times a month). Tangs Consulting Services has sophisticated tools that track these changes for you and help you maximize your visibility to potential customers on the Internet.
In order to achieve good rankings in the major search engines, you must set up each page on your web site with "hidden codes" called META Tags that contain key words and phrases that best reflect your product or service.
BUT this is just the beginning step; there are many other things you must do to get a high search engine ranking. Tangs Consulting Services has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you set up your site for high search engine rankings.
Unlike other marketing systems Tangs Consulting Services leverages traditional marketing with new communications tools. Most importantly, our marketing program is sustainable indefinitely. This system is a careful blend of proven, successful marketing techniques and tested digital communications tools.
If you have a website and are wondering how to drive targeted, interested customers to your business, we can help!

Express Email Marketing
We provide Newsletter Campaigns with Express Email Marketing that is an online service that helps you connect with your customers, members and contacts through permission-based email marketing. Express Email Marketing helps you build and maintain a 100% permission-based subscriber list, nurture customer relationships, and grow your business through the scheduled delivery of email newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other targeted email campaigns.

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